Concerns regarding INFP closest friend (reverse intercourse)

Concerns regarding INFP closest friend (reverse intercourse)

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This really is a conversation on concerns regarding INFP closest friend (other intercourse) inside the INFP Forum – The Idealists discussion boards, the main NF’s Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; we’m an INTJ man. Perchance you dudes may help me comprehend my feminine INFP closest friend better. I want to first.


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  • Concerns regarding INFP friend that is best (other intercourse). We’m an INTJ man. Perhaps you dudes may help me comprehend my feminine INFP friend that is best better.

    Allow me first say her dearly as my friend that I love. Her character fits David Keirsey’s INFP description very nearly into the letter. Whenever I first came across her, 9 years back, i did not find out about character kinds but we felt that her head had a great heat and deepness, that she could share feelings having an strength that I hadn’t believed before but that her irrationality will make me get crazy. Even with 9 years she actually is nevertheless a huge, wonderful secret if you ask me and unravelling its secrets will likely be a job for the remainder of my entire life. If I do not get pea pea nuts before that. BTW before anybody asks the reason WE failed to be a few, we already was at an LTR whenever I came across her and I also’m still into the same LTR whilst still being satisfied with it. Therefore also though we’d a serious crush for each other years ago our company is best friends and that is that.

    Into the 9 years i have known her she’s got dropped in deep love with (or has received a severe crush on) 8 various dudes. Many of them are not available (including myself), along with the rest she has had relationships that lasted from two months to at least one 1/2 years. Virtually every time she fell deeply in love with someone she said just just just how this perthereforen can be so unique and various from most of the remainder and exactly how she seems as for many years etc if she would already know him. She was constantly utterly and entirely in love and place this business (often IMO instead typical dudes. To place it mildly) for a pedestal. Nonetheless after having a relationship is finished (regardless of it or the guy) she’s always belittling the importance of this relationship to her if she ended. She actually is saying things such as “we did not just simply take this relationship extremely severe anyhow. ” Okay, i realize it really is a defense device but we believe it is it. Dare I use the expressed term in this forum. “naive” to ALWAYS fall under the exact same trap, to praise some guy as then putting him down when he broke up with her a few months later if he was the big love of her life after knowing him for 6 weeks and. Additionally we wonder why she does not appear to feel “ashamed” at all to at first constantly speak about this business just as if these were send straight down from paradise and simply a weeks/months that are few make use of the “he was not that great anyhow” routine. Is it typical for INFPs?

    What about you dudes?

    Would you also fall in love so easily? Would you additionally feel WHENEVER that this time around oahu is the love that is big of life?

    Do not you are feeling ridiculous because of it following the fifth or 6th time? Do not you begin to become more cautious at the beginning of the relationship? Can you additionally constantly belittle your emotions following the relationship is finished?

    And one more thing: would you additionally imagine being madly in deep love with someone and also at the exact same time having a really close, instead intimate (but non-sexual) relationship with someone through the opposite gender (or of the identical intercourse if you should be homosexual)? Sometimes this indicates become very puzzling to her, it offers developed plenty of psychological turbulences over time so we’ve had times whenever certainly one of us or both required some distance but that never lasted longer compared to a or two week.