Economic Geography. The topic of research

Economic Geography. The topic of research

The definition of your term. Object and topic of study. The history of development

Economic geography – social and geographical science from the territorial organization of financial life. Financial geography is divided in to the common geography with the planet economy, regional financial geography and business (industrial geography, agriculture, transport, service and so on. D.). Often, the term is applied to refer towards the complete socio-economic geography, and stands apart from the physical geography. The activity of science – to determine the optimal territorial relation between the important economic and geographical locations, financial regions, regions and edges, as well as within all these units of the national economy, to reveal their connection. Reference and descriptive facts in regards to the economy of person countries and peoples are identified in the writings of ancient and medieval geographers. Variables figuring out the emergence and further development of economic geography have been the sensible wants of trade, management of military affairs. Later, certainly one of the sources of economic geography. It was the statistics as a combination of economic and demographic facts.

The topic and object regionalistiki

Based on the laws of improvement of society and also the laws of nature improvement, financial geography from the occupied analysis and forecast regional interactions inside the technique “nature – population – economy”. Limiting the object of her research – anthropogenic scope in the geographical envelope in the Earth with specific structures, caused by the interaction of society and nature. A much more distinct topic are spatial structure in the population, wildlife and farms folding under the influence of geographical division of labor at various hierarchical levels – from neighborhood and regional towards the global.

The financial geography and regional research allocate separate regions connected towards the option of applied complications: land use planning; accommodation enterprises; regional improvement; Geopolitics and geo-economics; . The diffusion of innovation, etc. The term “regionalism” is commonly understood as a synthesis of various approaches to regional sciences investigation (to refer towards the complicated know-how from the regions along cheap essay help with the terms – regional research, regional studies, regional studies). Regionalism – synthetic study region, totally involving the regional economy, are exploring the region as a complete program, giving priority to interdisciplinary research. The fundamental notion in regional studies can be a “region”. Inside the financial literature there are actually various definitions in the area. However, lots of authors determine the following 3 distinctive capabilities of your region: territory, specialization and availability of economic relations.