Thailand’S Children Are Gambling

Thailand’S Children Are Gambling

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Thailand is of interest to millions of investors due to its tourist attractiveness. However, tourism is not the only profitable business in this country. For a long time, games of chance have been considered part of traditional Thai culture. Locals love to spend their leisure time visiting various online gaming platforms.

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Much of $10 billion spent on illegal is said to be spent in huay tai in (“underground lottery houses”). Lotteries were brought to Thailand two centuries ago by Chinese immigrants. In 1874, King Rama V approved the idea for a state lottery introduced by an English teacher.

“It makes people expect to make money without working. Simple people end up sitting idle and dreaming.” At present, the Lottery Office issues 14 million tickets for each weekly draw. In the same draw, it also issues two million tickets for sports promotion and seven million for other charity organization. To produce the lottery tickets, the Government Lottery Office operates a modern, large-scale printing press, which also handles printing jobs for other government agencies as well. Future projects of the Government Lottery Office includes a plan to computerize lottery buyers service that visualizes purchasing of lottery and prize payment by commercial banks’ country-wide network of automated teller machines.

Today, the underground lottery is much more popular than its underground counterpart. In the mid 2000s, Thais spent 108 billion baht on the underground lottery, compared to 36 billion for the government lottery. There seems to be something in the Thai mentality that leaves them very open to gambling addiction. Whatever it is, there is good reason why gambling is illegal in Thailand. It is an endless source of problems, especially for Thai women with money and time on their hands such as wives of farang.

Others opposed to the machines, including teachers and members of the Family Network Foundation, say the proposal could lead children to mistake the machines for video games, spurring addiction. “It’s not a positive thing, with more lotteries creating a worse situation for the country,” says K.

  • There’s a possibility to play casino games for real money without wagering any of your own.
  • The definition of it would be any gaming in which you wager real money on the outcome of an in-game event.
  • Some equate it to gambling in general, and although it’s not really the same (some types of real money gaming wouldn’t be characterized as gambling), we usually talk about casino gaming in this instance.
  • To put it simply, if it’s a game you can win or lose real money on, it will fall under this category.
  • If you’re stopped by police, they can search your phone for any trace of illegal casino or card games.
  • So, anytime you bet real money on slots, blackjack, roulette, or any other casino game, you’ll be conducting real money gaming.

And on top of that of illegal gambling will probably continue as it unlikely that bookies will cooperate completely with the state. In an effort to reduce the amount of money wagered on soccer, the government proposed delaying television broadcast of games by 30 minutes since many bets are placed at last minute right before the games begin. Activist groups for the disabled also oppose the idea, concerned that many of their members who sell tickets on the street could be pushed out of business.

Opponents of legalized gambling argue it is immoral and is against ome of the basic precepts of Buddhism, which explicitly condemns it. They also argue that legalized gambling will encourage people to gamble and make it acceptable in the eyes of children. Moreover, it acts like a regressive tax, since poor people are more likely spend a larger portion of their income on gambling than rich people.

So every morning this Thai woman set off for her local card game. Sometimes she would be gone for two or three days – they really can play that long. She had been doing this for years and I guess she wasn’t losing too much.

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Nevertheless, many operators organize underground gambling activities. The flourishing of the illegal gaming business provoked strict control over the gambling industry by law enforcement agencies. Violators have to pay substantial fines or even serve a prison sentence.

gambling in thailand